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Thu Oct 30 07:15:14 PDT 2014

Dear all,
Follow the first Wildlife photo-ID workshop presentations LIVE via this link: http://connect.uef.fi/photoid
You may enter as a guest earliest at Tuesday (November 4) at 8:45 am local time (UTC +2).
First presentation begins at 9 am (TUESDAY LIVE at 9-11 am, 13.30-14.05 pm and 14.40-15.35 pm, WEDNESDAY LIVE at 9-10.30 am local time). More info about the presentations is found in agenda<http://www.uef.fi/fi/photo-id/agenda>.

Join the group and receive news letters: photo-id[at]uef.fi<mailto:photo-id at uef.fi>
Home pages of the workshop http://www.uef.fi/fi/photo-id/photo-id
We are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/photo.identification/

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