[MARMAM] New publication on the relationship between land use and POCs in bottlenose dolphins

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We are pleased to announce the
​following publication:

Adams, J., Speakman, T., Zolman, E., Mitchum, E., Bossart, G., and P. Fair
(2014). The relationship between land use and emerging and legacy
contaminants in an apex predator, the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops
truncatus), from two adjacent estuarine watersheds. Environmental Research
135: 346-353. DOI: 10.1016/j.envres.2014.08.037.


Persistent organohalogen contaminant (POC) exposure is of concern in marine
mammals due to the potential for adverse health effects. Studies have
examined POCs in marine mammals on a regional scale; however, limited data
exists on POC concentrations relative to land use and watersheds. The
objective of this study was to examine geographical variation of POC
concentrations in bottlenose dolphins as it relates to land and watershed
use. POC (PCBs, DDTs, and PBDEs) concentrations were measured in blubber of
bottlenose dolphins (n= 40) sampled in estuarine waters near Charleston,
SC. Photo-identification sighting histories were used to assess the
dolphins′ use of estuarine waters in two adjacent watersheds (Cooper
Subbasin and Stono Subbasin) in the study area and to determine land use
(developed, forested, agriculture, and wetland) associations. Dolphins with
≥75% of their sightings in the Cooper Subbasin, which is characterized by a
higher degree of developed land use, exhibited higher levels of PCBs,
PBDEs, and total pesticides than those with ≥75% of their sightings in the
Stono Subbasin. Observed differences were significant for ΣPBDEs and
ΣDDTs/ΣPCBs ratio. Significant positive correlations were observed between
ΣPBDEs and developed land use and between ΣDDTs/ΣPCBs and wetland land use.
A significant negative correlation was observed between ΣDDTs/ΣPCBs and
developed land use.

​Feel free to contact me at Jeff.Adams at noaa.gov to request reprints.

Jeff Adams
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