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Mon Oct 27 13:48:04 PDT 2014

Dear MARMAMers,

We are pleased to announce the online publication of our most recent paper:

"Seasonal occurrence of southeast Pacific blue whale songs in southern
Chile and the eastern tropical Pacific"
by Susannah J. Buchan, Kathleen M. Stafford and Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete.
in Marine Mammal Science

ABSTRACT: Passive acoustic data were collected January 2012 to April 2013
at four sites in the Chiloense Ecoregion (CER) in southern Chile
(≈43°S–44°S, 71°W–73°W) and 1996–2002 from one site in the eastern tropical
Pacific (ETP) (8°S, 95°W). Automatic detectors were used to detect the two
songs (SEP1 and SEP2) described for southeast Pacific (SEP) blue whales.
There was a strong seasonal pattern of occurrence of SEP songs in the CER
from December to August, peaking March to May. In the ETP, the occurrence
of songs was an order of magnitude lower but songs were present year-round,
with a peak around June. These findings support austral summer/autumn
seasonal residency in the CER and a seasonal movement of blue whales
towards the ETP during June/July, returning in December. Interannual
differences in the ETP were possibly linked to the 1997–1998 El Niño event.
At both study sites, SEP2 was significantly more common than SEP1; both
songs largely followed the same temporal trends. These findings contribute
to our understanding of the seasonal movements of endangered SEP blue
whales and can inform conservation strategies, particularly in the CER
coastal feeding ground. We recommend future year-round passive acoustic
studies in the CER and the ETP (*e.g*., near the Galapagos Islands),
ideally coupled with oceanographic data.

Requests for reprints can be sent to: sjbuchan at gmail.com or sbuchan at udec.cl.

Kind regards,

Susannah J. Buchan, PhD(c)

Department of Oceanography, Universidad de Concepción
sbuchan at udec.cl
Mobile phone: +56 9 6646 8466
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