[MARMAM] Urgent advice on blue whale mourning behavior

Danielle Kreb danielle.kreb1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 21:12:45 PDT 2014

dear colleagues,
On behalf of all rescue workers in Lembata Island, Indonesia we would like
to ask researchers or rescuers familiar with blue whales to give some
advice.. Since several days a groups of 5 blue whales have entered a
shallow lagoon and one whale died on the reef. It was 20 m of length
whereas the others reach over 3 lenght. A method of underwater noise
driving was used to get four whales out through a narrow but deeper exit
path..the fifth only briefly went out but is now back in and circling
around near the spot where the other whale died. Can ayone please advice
what to do as the the rescue workers have been there for days and confused
how to proceed with this last whale inside the lagoon. The other whales
remain close to the exit and also have re- entered some days earlier.
Should underwater noise continue to be made? Is this typical mourning
behavior? FIY the carcass has already been removed totally.
Thanks so much for fast reply to: yk.rasi at gmail.com or
danielle.kreb1 at gmail.com

Kind regards,

Danielle kreb

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