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Kia Ora MARMAMers

Tourism in Marine Environments (https://www.cognizantcommunication.com/journal-titles/tourism-in-marine-environments) is introducing a new section, in which postgraduate students may present their work after successful completion of their thesis/dissertation. Please feel free to pass the information below on to postgraduate students working in the wider field of coastal, marine and island tourism.

Best Wishes from Auckland

Postgraduate Student Section

TIME publishes extended abstracts of Masters and Doctoral theses and dissertations, which have been completed within the past 18 months of submission. If the thesis/dissertation will be available online via a university library or repository, the extended abstract should not be submitted until after the URL is available.

The submitted material should include a title page with title, name of the author, name(s) of supervisor(s), name of the degree, and the institution awarding the degree. In a separate document, the supervisor(s) must verify the authenticity of the document.

The extended abstract should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length (not including figures, tables and reference list), and be structured in the standard format of a thesis/dissertation: Introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Complete manuscripts shall be submitted for review to the postgraduate section editor, David Fennell, at dfennell at brocku.ca<applewebdata://0A0B3325-F49E-4DFD-A6B5-F0D8C2BCF0EA/%22mailto:dfennell>

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