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Hello Robin, Could you please post this the the list serve? Please let me
know if it is too long and I can edit it. I would like to emphasize that we
are looking for manuscripts dealing with marine species' welfare as well as
terrestrial and fresh water species. Thank you!


*Project Title:  *Special Supplement to JWD: Advances and Improvements in
Wildlife Health and Welfare

*Project Contact and Special Supplement Editor: *Kevin Castle, Secretary,
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (aawvsecretary at gmail.com)

*Primary Collaborators and Associate Editors: *

Peregrine Wolff, President AAWV

Sonia Hernandez, Vice-President, AAWV

Colin Gillin, Past President, AAWV

Anne Justice-Allen, WDA-WVS

Nadine Lamberski, WDA-WVS

Dan Mulcahy, Research Wildlife Veterinarian, United States Geological
Survey, Alaska

The American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians and the WDA Wildlife
Veterinary Section are soliciting manuscripts for a special supplement to
the Journal of Wildlife Diseases (JWD), titled: *Advances and Improvements
in Wildlife Health and Welfare*. As a recognized expert in working with and
improving the health and welfare of free-ranging wildlife, *we would like
to invite you to submit a manuscript* to be considered for inclusion in
this Special Supplement to JWD.

Animal welfare has become an increasingly important topic of discussion
among wildlife disease investigators, managers and the public at large.
Recent changes to legislation and regulation dictate that wildlife research
must adhere to the highest standards of animal care, yet most of the
welfare standards available have been extrapolated from domestic species.
Recent studies have been devoted to developing and implementing advances in
techniques that specifically address the impact(s) of research and
management of wildlife species. This Special Supplement will collect the
most relevant work, from a special session at the 2014 WDA Annual
International Conference, and through direct author solicitation, and make
it widely available to the WDA readership.

*Proposed outcomes: *

The Special Supplement, to be published in October 2015, will serve as a
cohesive reference of real-world, cutting edge guidance and techniques from
leading experts in the field on how to identify and ameliorate impacts to
wildlife health and welfare during all phases of capture and handling. The
publication that results from this work will be of benefit to all WDA
members and wildlife professionals in all countries who deal with wildlife
health and welfare issues. The papers included in the publication will
provide detailed information that is not available through the WDA
conference proceedings, and the Supplement will be a valuable resource for
Institutional Animal Care and Use committees and others who are tasked with
making decisions about wildlife welfare.


WDA Conference (Wildlife Welfare Session) July 2014

Manuscript submission deadline                                January 15,

Publication and distribution                                        October

*Manuscript Guidelines:*

·      The submission deadline is *January 15, 2015*. You may send your
manuscript now or up until the deadline. Please submit manuscripts or
questions to:

Dr. Kevin Castle, Special Supplement Editor:  aawvsecretary at gmail.com

·      If you have an idea for a manuscript but are unsure of whether it
may be appropriate or not, we encourage authors to send a short abstract or
tentative title to the Special Supplement Editor in advance (
aawvsecretary at gmail.com).

·      Authors interested in presenting a *review* of a particular aspect
of wildlife health and welfare are encouraged to contact the Special
Supplement Editor to discuss.

Formatting, manuscript length, and editorial process will follow JWD
guidelines for authors of full-length articles. For specific Instruction to
Authors, please click here
<http://wildlifedisease.org/wda/Portals/0/JWD_ITAR_6-10-2012.pdf>. Dr.
Kevin Castle will oversee the peer-review process with the help of
associate editors and subject matter experts. Page charges and open-access
charges will be paid through WDA Small Grant Program funds and matching
funds obtained by the collaborators listed above. *Authors will not be
responsible for page charges, nor for providing open access to the

Submission will not guarantee acceptance; however, significant
consideration will be given to well-written manuscripts based on research
that addresses one or more of the following topics in free-ranging wildlife
(including fish). Research involving captive animals may be acceptable if
it provides information applicable to improving health and welfare of
free-ranging wildlife.

·      Measuring stress or applying methods to relieve/decrease stress

·      Improvements in field surgical techniques, including placement of
marking or monitoring equipment

·      Improvements or innovation in field anesthetic and anesthetic
monitoring protocols

o   e.g. Benefits of measuring blood gases and other parameters

·      Assessment and alleviation of pain

·      Improvements in field euthanasia

·      Research that tests how animal welfare is impacted during any of the
following components of an event:

o   Pursuit

o   Capture

o   Handling/manipulation

o   Recovery

o   Transport/release

o   Post-release

·      Researcher and public perceptions and expectations regarding
wildlife welfare

·      Defining and measuring a successful handling event (e.g. can
post-release mortality inform us of the success of immobilization, or
should we really be looking at long-term survival and reproduction?)

·      Defining costs/benefits of sedation for activities that do not
require general anesthesia

·      Assessing the appropriate level of immediate post-immobilization
recovery monitoring (i.e. stay with the animal or leave it?)

Kevin Castle, DVM, MS

AAWV Secretary
Wildlife Veterinarian
U.S. National Park Service
1201 Oakridge Dr, Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO  80521

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