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I would like to share this with the MARMAM community to help with my
current research, "Social interaction between marine mammals and
documentation of examples from Belize between the bottlenose dolphin (*Tursiops
truncatus*) and the Antillean manatee (*Trichechus manatus manatus*)".


My name is Brittany Knowles and I am a graduate student at Nova
Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center in southern Florida, working
on my Master of Science degree in Marine Biology. Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan,
who is my major adviser, gave me your contact as I am working on my
capstone research. My focus is on interspecific interaction in marine
mammals and specifically on social behavior between bottlenose dolphin and
Antillean manatee in shared habitats.  Although this is a capstone and not
a thesis requiring research, I am including previously unpublished data
from observations documented by Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan, Eric Ramos, Nataly
Castelblanco-Martinez Barbara Bilgre, Nicole Auil, Sarita Kendall and other
researchers during manatee-dolphin field-research projects.

            In Belize observations appeared to be incidental (two or more
animals from different species in the same location), but about 20% were
interpreted as intentional (repeated physical contact or following
behavior) with interactions lasting from minutes to hours. I am writing to
you to ask you to assist me with my capstone research. I am seeking
additional observations to create a stronger capstone, hopefully suitable
for publication in a peer-reviewed journal after I defend.

            I have designed the simple survey to enhance my capstone and
provide some information for analysis (link found below). I am interested
in information on any interspecific interactions between marine mammals
that you have observed. Additionally, if you feel your experience needs
more explanation, please feel free to write it to me as a reply so I can
fully understand your experience. Also, am also seeking photos, audio or
video you may wish to share. Should I use your information, I will ask you
permission to include any detailed description in my capstone, I will cite
your observations as a "personal communication".  Nothing will be used in a
future publication without your explicit permission in writing.

Please complete the survey and relay any information you are willing to
share to improve the “oomph” of my paper. *If you write anything in the
“Additional Notes” section, please identify yourself with your name so I
know whom to contact for personal communication citing after your
permission for use*. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to
hearing from you!




Brittany K. Knowles
* Graduate Student*
Nova Southeastern University
Oceanographic Center
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, FL 33004

bknowles910 at gmail.com
bk416 at nova.edu
(609) 709-1390
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