[MARMAM] Volunteer opportunity - Heaviside’s dolphin research in Namibia

Sara Golaski sgolaski at coa.edu
Thu Nov 13 23:05:10 PST 2014

*Volunteer opportunity - Heaviside’s dolphin research in Namibia*

This volunteer position is to assist University of Pretoria MSc student
Sara Golaski. The project aims to obtain baseline information on abundance
and habitat use of Heaviside’s dolphins in Namibia using primarily
photographic identification (photo-ID).

*WHERE:* Walvis Bay, Namibia

*WHEN:* January and February 2015

The volunteer position is primarily office based processing photo-ID
images, but you will be aiding the Namibian Dolphin Project in all project
activities including some fieldwork, community outreach and assisting with
cetacean or sea turtle strandings should they occur.

*EXPECTATIONS*, volunteers are expected to:

   - Be experienced with photo-ID work
   - Have good attention to detail
   - Be reliable, adaptable and hard-working
   - Be prepared to work long days
   - Be sociable, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude.
   - Participate for a minimum of 6 weeks, 2 months preferred

Post would suit upper level undergrads and graduate students who have
interest and background in Biology, Marine Biology and an interest in
pursuing further study.

Due to the training required, applicants should be available for a *minimum
of 6 weeks.*

Volunteers are expected to cover their own living expenses, including
flight costs. We can assist in finding accommodation which can be around
ZAR 3000 (~$300 USD) per month. Food and other personal expenses can be
kept between ZAR 2000-3000 a month.

Interested volunteers should email Sara Golaski as soon as possible with a:

*1 - LETTER of interest outlining relevant experience and motivation for

*2 – CV*

*3 - Duration of stay (expected start and end date)*

*to Sara Golaski **sgolaski at coa.edu* <sgolaski at coa.edu>


Namibian Dolphin Project website: http://www.namibiandolphinproject.com/

Namibian Dolphin Project blog: http://namibiandolphinproject.blogspot.com/

Sara Golaski
MSc Candidate, Zoology
University of Pretoria
Namibian Dolphin Project

sgolaski at coa.edu
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