[MARMAM] New Version of iTag released (0.6)

Viquerat, Sacha Sacha.Viquerat at tiho-hannover.de
Thu Nov 13 03:10:18 PST 2014

On behalf of the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research in Büsum, Germany, I'd like to announce the release of iTag 0.6.

This announcement is aimed at any scientist / survey technician that is tasked with counting objects on images taken during aerial surveys.

iTag provides many tools that facilitates the handling of tags and processes the tagged data in various ways, including a database, spreadsheet and google earth kml file export.

Many features, such as saving and resuming a session, aim at the usually high workload of counting objects in images and help to spread effort between researchers or to allow for breaks during long tagging sessions.

The current field of application ranges from aerial seal counts to beach section monitoring and includes users and institutes all over the world.

It is, of course, a free (open source) software and the newest version can always be downloaded for free from https://sourceforge.net/projects/itagbiology

The main new features of iTag 0.6 include:

a new and streamlined user interface
recovery options
data output options
a new multi purpose navigational panel

Feel free to report any issue with the current version or any suggestion, feature request or general appraisal!

Cheers, Sacha

Sacha Viquerat
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research (ITAW)
Werftstr. 6
25761 Büsum
+49 511 856-8172
Fax. +49 511 856-8181
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