[MARMAM] A small case report: Baleen whales in Kuwait waters... Again!

Yusuf Bohadi y.bohadi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 01:45:25 PST 2014

*Sei whales in the Arabian/Persian gulf*


In late 2009, during an oceanographic survey on board a KISR (Kuwait
Institute for Scientific Research) vessel, researches spotted 2 large
animals swimming southward from Kuwait bay. In Feb. 2014 a dead carcass
washed ashore Failaka island in Kuwait. It was believed to be a female Sei
whale. A few months earlier another one washed ashore the Iraqi coasts.
Last week 3 more were sighted. The coastal guard managed to record a video
of one of the smaller animals swimming very close to their boat. The report
fails to mention if that was a result of the animal approaching them or if
it was a result of their relentless pursuit after it.

Records do not show that the prescribed area of encounter is the natural
habitat or the normal migration rout for these animals. The concern here is
that these animals would end up dead like the ones before them and wash
ashore years later.

Records examined also, do not mention methods to help these animas at this
point. One can only hope that they continue on heading south and exist the
gulf in time to survive.

For all the details, the report can be requested by contacting the
following email: y.bohadi at gmail.com

Any further comments or advice would be deeply appreciated, please send
them to the same email above.

Thank you

Yusuf Bohadi
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