[MARMAM] Responsible Whale Watching videos

Wiebke Finkler wiebke.finkler at otago.ac.nz
Mon Nov 3 16:17:10 PST 2014

Dear All

I’m a PhD Candidate at the University of Otago in New Zealand. As part of my research I’m developing a series of short videos on responsible whale watching. I’m looking for some specific video footage to use as part of my empirical work. If anyone has anything available or any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated! The video is for research and educational purposes only and will be available online including credits. 

Required footage - approximately 5-10 seconds each:

- Underwater footage of Humpback Whale with calf
- Underwater footage of Humpback Whale nursing calf
- Underwater footage of Humpback Whale feeding
- Underwater footage of Killer Whales
- Underwater footage of Sperm Whales

Any other video material relevant to whale watching, boating behaviour (incl. recreational and commercial) and underwater acoustics most welcome.

Many thanks!


Wiebke Finkler
PhD Candidate
University of Otago
ph. (+64) 211812204
wiebke.finkler at otago.ac.nz

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