[MARMAM] Volunteers needed for dolphin research project in Mayotte, Comoros Archipelago

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Sat Nov 1 03:12:31 PDT 2014

Dear all,

Odyssea is searching volunteers for the field work of our bottlenose dolphin research project in Mayotte led by the University of La Réunion.

Application deadline is 15 November 2015.


The Marine Biology Association Odyssea (www.odyssea.lu) is offering bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) research
internships in Mayotte as an opportunity to contribute to the field work of a
PhD research project led by the Université
de La Réunion. Mayotte is a small tropical island of the Comoros
archipelago located in the Mozambique Channel in the southwest Indian Ocean.
The island of Mayotte is almost entirely surrounded by barrier reef, enclosing
one of the largest lagoons of the world. A population of 100 bottlenose
dolphins is living in this lagoon. The near-shore distribution of this small
cetacean makes it particularly vulnerable to environmental changes induced by
growing human coastal activities.

The goal of the PhD project is to improve our understanding on the impacts
of intensifying human activities on Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins. This may
help to predict the responses to potential future changes in the context of a
rapidly developing environment where both global changes and local pressures
impact the dolphin population.


The internships are available from
the December 2014 until March 2015. Volunteers will be introduced to and
participate in the research techniques involving boat-based photo
identification, behavioural and habitat studies. Previous experience is
required. Volunteers go out at sea nearly every day to study the dolphins and
their habitats (6-8 hours/day depending on weather
conditions). The internships will also include data analyses.


skills for data analyses (Microsoft Word, Excel, GIS),

in science and/or marine biology 

with photo-identification is desired, but not required

Being comfortable
on a boat in varying conditions, including sun and heat

to swim

to work as a team and live with other volunteers in a small space

Expenses and Compensation

This is an unpaid internship. Travel
to and from Mayotte, food, compulsory health and travel insurance, and personal
expenses are not provided. Basic accommodation on a shared apartment basis can
be provided.

There will be one day off per
week to explore the island on own costs. 

At the end of the internship a
certificate will be issued summing up all the skills acquired by the

If you are interested in joining this internship, please send your CV and cover letter to jeanne.wagner at outlook.com until 15 November 2014. Interviews (via Skype) will be arranged
for selected candidates after this deadline. 


For more information, please contact jeanne.wagner at outlook.com.

Kind regards,

Jeanne Wagner
PhD student - ECOMAR

Secretary & cofounder - Odyssea - www.odyssea.lu

00352 691471719 (LU) 
00262 639655534 (MAYOTTE) 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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