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Fri May 23 11:15:17 PDT 2014

An update of SOCPROG, SOCPROG2.5 (both compiled and uncompiled versions),
is available at *http://myweb.dal.ca/hwhitehe/social.htm

SOCPROG is a series of MATLAB programs written by Hal Whitehead for
analyzing data on the social structure, population structure and movements
of identified individuals.

SOCPROG2.5 includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements since SOCPROG2.4.
The most important changes are:

1. Addressing compatibility issues with the change from MATLAB7 to MATLAB8.

2. Compiled version of SOCPROG2.5 should work on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

3. Social association can now be defined using locational data.

4. Export to GraphML format.

5. Output of estimated standard errors of association indices.

6. Adjustment of association indices for gregariousness (Godde et al.
Animal Behaviour 2013).

7. Estimation of mortality using social relationship data (Whitehead and
Gero Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2013).

I hope SOCPROG2.5 is useful.  Let me know about any problems that remain,
or have been introduced.



Hal Whitehead (*hwhitehe at dal.ca <hwhitehe at dal.ca>*)

Biology Department, Dalhousie University
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