[MARMAM] PhD / Post Doc Opportunity – cetacean community monitoring and health.

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*PhD / Post Doc Opportunity – cetacean community monitoring and health. *

The Namibian Dolphin Project is a non-profit, research and conservation
organization run by a small group of independent scientists in association
with the University of Pretoria’s Mammal Research Institute and the Namibia
Nature Foundation. Our mission is to research Namibia’s cetaceans to
generate data on these populations that can be used for their conservation
through sustainable management. see www.namibiandolphinproject.com for
project background

We are currently looking to expand our team and forge collaborations with
researchers working on cetacean monitoring and health assessment.
Consequently, we are seeking an experienced PhD student or recent post
doctoral graduate (or both) to join our team in Walvis Bay, Namibia. This
person would be expected to take a proactive approach in developing and
leading research efforts within the framework of our *cetacean community
health and monitoring programme* during a large coastal construction
project taking place within Walvis Bay.

Our core research focuses on a small and potentially threatened population
of common bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) with additional
research being done on Heaviside’s dolphin (*Cephalorhynchus heavisidii*),
dusky dolphins (*Lagenorhynchus obscurus*) and humpback whales (*Megaptera
novaeangliae*). New research will build on photographic, behavioural,
acoustic, stranding and tissue datasets collected since 2008, thus scope to
develop research questions is wide.

Logistical and fieldwork support will be provided but limited funds are
available at the moment and the successful candidate will be expected to
assist in generating funds through grant applications, sponsorships (etc)
to finance further fieldwork and living costs.

Although training will be provided, the ideal candidate will have a
background in the relevant field skills: photo-identification, biopsy
sampling, small boat research, stranding attendance and necropsy and be
able to work independently leading field research efforts.

The candidate must be reliable, independent and self motivated and have a
drivers licence for manual cars and be an experienced boat skipper. This
position is open to all nationalities, but those from SADC regions will be

The successful candidate will be expected to relocate to Walvis Bay,
Namibia, for a minimum of 2.5 years during this project with some time
spent in Cape Town, South Africa.

Start Date: from July 2014 onwards.

For further information about this opportunity, please contact Dr Simon
Elwen or Dr Tess Gridley on nam.dolphin.project at gmail.com

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Simon Elwen Ph.D. Research Fellow at the Mammal Research Institute,
University of Pretoria

Based in: Walvis Bay - Namibia. Phone: +264 81 421 4968 (mob Namibia) +27
71 139 5951 (Mob SA)

Namibian Dolphin Project: www.namibiandolphinproject.com
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