[MARMAM] New publication on the most southerly world-wide sightings of pygmy killer whales

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We are pleased to announce a new publication on observations of pygmy killer whales in temperate Australian waters which are thought to be the most southerly sightings of this species world-wide.

"Owen, K., Donnelly, D. (2014) The most southerly worldwide sightings of pygmy killer whales (Feresa attenuata)?. Marine Biodiversity Records 7: e46"

Corresponding author: kylie.owen at uqconnect.edu.au

The pygmy killer whale (Feresa attenuata) is a rarely sighted cetacean species that is currently believed to be confined to tropical and subtropical waters. This paper presents four sightings off the east coast of Australia that are believed to be the most southerly sightings of pygmy killer whales worldwide (approximately 37.31°S) and extend the range of this species into temperate regions of Australia. Group sizes ranged from 20-70 individuals and on two occasions a second cetacean species was noted in the presence of the pygmy killer whales. All four sightings occurred when water temperatures were particularly warm for the area (21-25.8°C) and demonstrate the potential for changes in the strength of warm water currents to influence species distributions.

The article can be accessed at:


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