[MARMAM] phD proposal on chemical communication in aquatic mammals

Aurelie CELERIER Aurelie.CELERIER at cefe.cnrs.fr
Fri May 2 09:33:46 PDT 2014

PhD proposal

Title:  Aquatic scents: Chemical communication in aquatic mammals, How and why?

Dead line for application: May 23th 2014

Location : CEFE/CNRS Montpellier
Contact : Aurelie Célérier : aurelie.celerier at cefe.cnrs.fr<mailto:aurelie.celerier at cefe.cnrs.fr> : 0033 4 67 61 33 17
Duration: from  October 2014- to October 2017
Abstract : Although chemical signals are central for a diversity of biological functions and have been extensively studied in terrestrial mammals, olfactory and gustatory abilities have been poorly investigated in marine mammals. Our project aims to give an exhaustive insight into the chemical communication in different groups of aquatic mammals (Sirenians, Pinnipeds, Cetaceans and Otter) and compare the evolutionary adaptations of chemical sensory systems in organisms ranging from semi to fully aquatic. Our approach is both original and multidisciplinary and aim to integrate 3 levels of exploration: 1) a Chemical level to identify the molecules emitted by individuals; 2) a Neuro-anatomical level to explore the nervous structures involved in the perception and processing of chemical cues and 3) a Behavioral level to investigate the involvement and adaptive function of chemical communication in the feeding behavior and social life of these species. The PhD student will be specifically involved in point 2 and 3 of the general project.

Skills : Behavioural Ecology, Statistics, preference will be given to applicant with previous experience in Neurosciences and/or Chemical Analysis.
Autonomy, flexible, excellent organizational and communication skills, hard working,  field work and laboratory work

[cid:image001.png at 01CF6635.0DE9A6F0]Aurélie Célérier
Maître de Conférence
Équipe Écologie Comportementale
CEFE - UMR 5175
F-34293 Montpellier cedex 5
       Tél : +33(0) 4 67 61 33 17
email : aurelie.celerier at cefe.cnrs.fr<mailto:scampagn at univ-montp2.fr>

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