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The following is a partial list of items available – contactTom Jefferson <sclymene at aol.com> for a complete list.  All funds go to ¡VIVA Vaquita! (a collaboration of five 501(3)c non-profits), forresearch and conservation of the World’s most endangered marine mammal species,the vaquita (Phocoena sinus).  Go to www.vivavaquita.orgfor more details.  Prices listed aresuggested minimum donations.  All itemsare in good-excellent condition, unless otherwise stated; HC=hardcover,PB=paperback.  Preference will be givento domestic USA orders.  Donations can bemade in cash or with checks in US dollars made payable to “Thomas Jefferson”.  Email Tom Jefferson thelist of items you want and your postal address for the items to be sent to(please type your name and address exactly as they would appear on a mailinglabel).  Shipping is included.  Orders will be sent out only after paymentand ‘mailing label’ are received.  
Berta, A., and J. L. Sumich. 1999. Marine Mammals:Evolutionary Biology. First Edition ed. Academic Press.  HC.  $30.
Best, P. B., J. L. Bannister, R. L. Brownell, and G. P.Donovan (Editors). 2001. Right Whales: Worldwide Status. Journal of CetaceanResearch and Management Special Issue 2.   HC.  $40.
Brown, S. G. et al. 1974. Antarctic Mammals. Antarctic MapFolio Series 18: 1-19 + plates.  (unbound,but in original card folder; some browning and water stains).  $18.
Dizon, A. E., S. J. Chivers, and W. F. Perrin (Editors).1997. Molecular genetics of marine mammals No. Special Publication No. 3. TheSociety of Marine Mammalogy.  PB.  $9.
Domning, D. P. 1996. Bibliography and index of the Sireniaand Desmostylia. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 80: 611 pp.  PB.  $12.
Donovan, G. P. (Editor), 1986. Behaviour of Whales inRelation to Management, Special Issue 8. Reports of the International WhalingCommission, 282 pp.  HC.  $12.
Dudzinksi, K. M., and T. Frohoff. 2008. Dolphin Mysteries:Unlocking the Secrets of Communication. Yale University Press.  HC. $7.
Evans, P. G. H., and J. A. Raga (Editors). 2001. MarineMammals: Biology and Conservation. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 630 pp.  PB. $14.
FAO. 1982. Mammals in the seas: Volume IV. Small cetaceans,seals, sirenians and otters.  FAO of theUN.  HC. $22.
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Gaskin, D. E. 1982. The Ecology of Whales and Dolphins.Heinemann, London.  PB.  $12.
Gentry, R. L., and G. C. Kooyman (Editors). 1986. Fur Seals:Maternal Strategies on Land and at Sea. Princeton University Press, 291 pp.  HC. $16.
Jefferson, T. A., S. Leatherwood, and M. A. Webber. 1993.Marine Mammals of the World: FAO Species Identification Guide. United NationEnvironment Programme and Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN.  PB. $48.
Jordan, D. S. and others. 1898.  Seal and Salmon Fisheriesand General Resources of Alaska, Volume I. Government Printing Office.  HC (spine damaged).  $48.
Klinowska, M. 1991. Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales of theWorld: The IUCN Red Data Book. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.  HC. $18.
Leatherwood, S., and R. R. Reeves. 1983. The Sierra ClubHandbook of Whales and Dolphins. Sierra Club Books, San Francisco.  PB.  $8.
Leatherwood, S., and R. R. Reeves (Editors). 1990. TheBottlenose Dolphin. Academic Press, 653 pp. HC.  $42.
Leatherwood, S., R. R. Reeves, W. F. Perrin, and W. E.Evans. 1982. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises of the eastern North Pacific andadjacent Arctic waters: A guide to their identification. NOAA Technical ReportNMFS Circular 444: 245 pp.  PB.  $10.
Lilly, J. C. 1978. Communication Between Man and Dolphin.Crown Publishers, Inc.   HC.  $9.
Mead, J. G., and J. P. Gold. 2002. Whales and Dolphins inQuestion. Smithsonian Institution Press (hardcover).  HC (new). $5. 
Miller, G. S., and R. Kellogg. 1955. List of North Americanrecent mammals. Bulletin of the United States National Museum 205: 954 pp.  PB.  $12.
Mitchell, E. (Editor), 1975. Review of biology and fisheriesfor smaller cetaceans. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 32.  PB. $16.
National Research Council. 1994. Low-Frequency Sound andMarine Mammals: Current Knowledge and Research Needs. National Academy Press.  PB.  $12.
Norris, K. S. (Editor), 1966. Whales, Dolphins, andPorpoises. (First Edition).  Universityof California Press, Berkeley, 789 pp. HC.  $45.
Norris, K. S. 1991. Dolphin Days: The Life and Times of theSpinner Dolphin. Norton.  HC.  $9.
Norris, K. S., B. Wursig, R. S. Wells, and M. Wursig. 1994.The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin. University of California Press.  HC. $28.
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Perrin, W. F. 1975. Variation and taxonomy of spotted andspinner porpoise (genus Stenella) in the eastern tropical Pacific and Hawaii.Bulletin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography 21: 206 pp.  PB. $12.
Pfeiffer, C. J. (Editor), 2002. Molecular and Cell Biologyof Marine Mammals. Krieger Publishing Company. $40, 427 pp.  HC.  $37.
Pryor, K., and K. S. Norris (Editors). 1991. DolphinSocieties: Discoveries and Puzzles. University of California Press, 397 pp.  HC. $23.
Read, A. J., P. R. Wiepkema, and P. E. Nachtigall (Editors).1997. The Biology of the Harbour Porpoise. De Spil Publishers, 409 pp.  HC. $32.
Ruud, J. T. 1965. Essays in Marine Physiology (in Honor ofP. F. Scholander). Hvalradets Skrifter 48: 237 pp.  PB. $21.
Scheffer, V. B., and J. W. Slipp. 1948. The whales anddolphins of Washington State, with a key to the cetaceans of the west coast ofNorth America. American Midland Naturalist 39: 257-337.  PB. $14.
Twiss, J. R., and R. R. Reeves (Editors). 1999. Conservationand Management of Marine Mammals. Smithsonian Institution Press, 471 pp.  HC. $28.
Whales Research Institute. 1948-1984. 37-year run (nearlycomplete). Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute, 1-37 (complete,except missing volumes 13, 38, and 39).  HC(most issues bound in blue buckram, with label on spine).  $450.
Wheeler, J. F. G. 1930. The age of fin whales at physicalmaturity with a note on multiple ovulations. Discovery Reports 2: 403-434.  PB. $18.
Würsig, B., T. A. Jefferson, and D. J. Schmidly. 2000. TheMarine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico. Texas A&M University Press.  HC (new). $12.
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VIVA Vaquita
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