[MARMAM] DCL Book: 10 years of internation reseach on Detection, Classification and Localization of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics

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Dear All,

Passive acoustics is now a common tool used to observe cetacean species. The
recordings of sounds emitted by whales and dolphins are used to detect the
individuals, to classify their sounds and to localize them during their
A scientific workshop on these topics was created in 2003 and was called
"International Workshop on Detection, Classification and Localization of
Marine Mammals using Passive acoustics".
Every 2 years since, regular sessions have brought together researchers
specialized in marine biology, bioacoustics, underwater acoustics, signal
processing, pattern recognition and mathematics. In celebration of the 10th
anniversary of this workshop, we take the opportunity to publish this book
comprising chapters from scientific teams who have actively participated on
the advanced international research of cetacean observations. 

Preface by (alphabetical order) Adam, Desharnais, Mellinger, Moretti, Pavan
and Samaran

Chapter 1 by Pavan, Fossati and Caltavuturo, Marine bioacoustics and
computation bioacoustics at the University of Pavia (Italy)

Chapter 2 by Roch, Širovic and Baumann-Pickering, Detection, classification,
and localization of cetaceans by groups at the Scripps Institution of
Oceanography and San Diego State University (2003-2013)

Chapter 3 by Moretti, Morrissey, Jarvis and Shaffer, Passive acoustic
monitoring on widely-spaced bottom-mounted hydrophones

Chapter 4 by Glotin, Giraudet, Razik, Paris, Halkias, Chamrouki, Prevot,
Patris, Benard, Monnin, Lelandais, Abeille, Doh, Dufour, Rabouy and
Mishchenko, Tracking multiple marine mammals by shortly or widely spaced

Chapter 5 by Urazghildiiev, Hawthorne, Spaulding and Clark, Detection,
classification, localization and tracking marine mammals

Chapter 6 by Cholewiak, Risch, Valtierra and Van Parijs, Methods for passive
acoustic tracking of marine mammals: estimating calling rates, depths and
detection probability for density estimation

Chapter 7 by Kandia, Detecting clicks in low SNR conditions

Chapter 8 by Nosal, Model-based marine mammal localization methods

Chapter 9 by Mouy, Oswald, Leary, Delarue, Vallarta, Rideout, Mellinger,
Erbe, Hannay and Martin, Passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals in
the Arctic

Chapter 10 by Mathias, Thode, Straley, O'Connell and Wild, Studies of
depredating sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) off Sitka, AK, using
bioacoustics tags and long-range passive acoustic tracking

Chapter 11 by J. Oswald, Rankin, Barlow, M. Oswald and Lammers, Real-time
Odontocete Call Classification Algorithm (ROCCA): software for species
identification of delphinid whistles

Chapter 12 by Samaran, Gandilhon, Doh, Pace, Cazau, Laplanche, Lopatka,
Glotin, White, Zarzycki, Motsch and Adam, Inside the sounds emitted by some
cetacean species

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