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Hello MARMAMers:

On behalf of the authors, I am very happy to announce our new note which is
now available online:

Smultea, M.A., C.E. Bacon, K. Lomac-MacNair, I. Visser, and J. Bredvik.
(2014). Rare Mixed-Species Associations Between Sperm Whales and Risso's
and Northern Right Whale Dolphins Off the Southern California Bight:
Kleptoparasitism and Social Parasitism? Northwestern Naturalist 95(1):43-49.

Abstract: Inter-specific behavioral interactions between large whales and
small odontocetes are rarely described and little understood. Reasons for
such associations have been proposed but are difficult to substantiate
empirically given the challenges inherent with studying deep- and
long-diving cetaceans at sea. Proposed reasons include some of those
described for schooling fish, birds, ungulates, and primates, such as
reduced predation through the dilution or predator startle effect,
competition for resources, aggression, kleptoparasitism, social parasitism,
and play and sociality Herein, we describe the first published social
interactions of Sperm Whales (*Physeter macrocephalus*), Risso's
Dolphins (*Grampus
griseus*), and Northern Right Whale Dolphins (*Lissodelphis borealis*) as
photo- and video-documented off southern California in spring 2011.

A PDF may be obtained from http://www.bioone.org/doi/abs/10.1898/NWN13-11.1

Or requests for reprints can be sent to: Mari Smultea
mari at smulteasciences.com or Cathy Bacon cathy at smulteasciences.com



Cathy Bacon
Marine Mammal Research Associate/Marine Biologist
Smultea Environmental Sciences, LLC (SES)
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