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Sat Mar 22 07:23:53 PDT 2014

Dear MARMAMers:

On behalf of the authors, I am happy to announce a new publication which is
now available:

Smultea MA, Holst M. Koski WR, Stoltz Roi S, Sayegh AJ, Fossati C,
Goldstein HH, Beland JA, MacLean S, Yin S (2013). Visual-Acoustic Survey of
Cetaceans during a Seismic Study in the South-east Caribbean Sea,
April-June 2004. Caribbean Journal of Science 47(2-3):273-283.

*Abstract*: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's monitoring and mitigation
program during an academic seismic study in April-June 2004 was the largest
cetacean survey undertaken to date in the southeast Caribbean Sea.  A total
of 10,007 km (904 h) of visual observations occurred from the seismic
vessel R/V* Maurice Ewing* and from the support vessel R/V *Seward Johnson
II*.  In addition, 7375 km (846 h) of passive acoustic monitoring for
vocalizing cetaceans occurred from the *Ewing* via a towed 250-m hydrophone
array.  Approximately 1293 cetaceans in 46 groups were seen from the two
vessels, and 78 acoustic detections were made.  Nine cetacean species were
identified of which the long-beaked common dolphin (*Delphinus
capensis*), Atlantic
spotted dolphin (*Stenella frontalis*), and bottlenose dolphin (*Tursiops
truncatus*) were sighted most frequently.  The striped dolphin (*S.
coeruleoalba*), spinner dolphin (*S. **longirostris*), pantropical spotted
dolphin (*S. **attenuata*), short-finned pilot whale (*Globicephala
macrorhynchus*)*, *sperm whale (*Physeter macrocephalus*), and Bryde's
whale (*Balaenoptera edeni*) were also identified during visual surveys.  Only
the sperm whale was positively identified by acoustic monitoring alone.  At
least 17 sperm whale detections (visual and/or acoustic) were made around
the islands and atolls of the Venezuelan Archipelago near and beyond the
1000-m depth contour.  Overall cetacean density in intermediate water (100
to 1000 m deep) was five times greater than in deep (>1000 m) water.  This
study addresses previous data gaps on the occurrence of cetaceans in shelf
and offshore waters across a wide area of the southeast Caribbean Sea in

Requests for reprints can be sent to: Mari Smultea mari at smulteasciences.com or
Cathy Bacon cathy at smulteasciences.com

With warm regards,

Cathy Bacon
Marine Mammal Research Associate/Marine Biologist
Smultea Environmental Sciences, LLC (SES)
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