[MARMAM] Pygmy right whale recordings?

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Thu Mar 20 07:04:14 PDT 2014

Dear  Marmamers,

The Namibian Dolphin Project is based in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Walvis Bay is
a known hot-spot for pygmy right whale (*Caperea marginata*) strandings,
with several recent stranding events in the past 18 months.  Please see
Leeney et al. 2013 for further details of strandings in Walvis Bay,
available from our website:

We would like to conduct Passive Acoustic Monitoring in Walvis Bay using
moored hydrophones for pygmy right whales. From our pilot study, we think
we might have recorded this species. We would like to hear from researchers
who have confirmed recordings of this species which we could compare our
recordings to.

Please contact me on nam.dolphin.project at gmail.com if you can help out.

Any assistance on this matter would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Dr Tess Gridley, Namibian Dolphin Project.

Tess Gridley PhD

Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria
Namibian Dolphin Project

Skype: tess.gridley
Tel: +264 (0)81 692 2802 (NAM)
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