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Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, Croatia, is
offering an internship position for the summer of 2014. The selected intern
will participate in a boat-based study on bottlenose dolphins in the region
of northern Dalmatia. This is a great opportunity to learn and practice
field-work methods, including photo-identification, navigation and behaviour
data collection, storage and analysis. Participation also presents an
opportunity to use part of the dataset for writing a BSc or MSc thesis. The
available period is from June to September 2014.


Project background

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation runs Adriatic
Dolphin Project (ADP) since 1999. This research project focuses on biology
and ecology of the bottlenose dolphins and other cetaceans inhabiting the
Adriatic Sea. In 2013 a new research project was initiated to include the
region of North Dalmatia (ADP ND). The aim of this study is to gain insight
into the status of local bottlenose dolphin population by investigating
their abundance, homerange, association patterns, habitat use, survival rate
and interactions with fisheries and aquaculture. To increase mobility,
researchers, volunteers and interns are based on a 13 m wooden boat during
10-day trips. Daily area surveys in search for dolphins are conducted using
a 5.2 m RIB. There is a 5-day period spent in homeport (island of Murter)
between each 10-days boat trip.


What you can expect:

Daily procedures are strongly dependent on current weather conditions.
During favourable weather (calm sea) the team is surveying the area in
search for dolphins. During these surveys, intern will assist researchers in
searching and collection of photo-identification, navigation and behavior
data. Daily area surveys usually last between 3 and 5 hours, but can
sometimes last up to 8 hours. Upon returning to the base (boat or land)
intern helps out in storing and sorting the collected data, and general boat
and equipment maintenance tasks. After the daily tasks are completed the
whole team has time off. 

This internship also provides an opportunity to use part of the collected
data set for writing a BSc or MSc thesis, under supervision of your
respective menthor and in co-mentorship of Blue World Institute's



*         Background in biology, ecology or related fields (currently
studying or recently graduated)

*         Strong interest in cetacean research

*         Team spirit

*         Ability to work long hours in summer heat

*         No sea-sickness

*         English speaking

*         Readiness to live and work on a boat and share cabin with others



Selected intern will receive a detailed training at the beginning of
internship. Therefore, only candidates who can commit minimum of 30 days
will be considered. Availability for longer period is prefered.


Start date: 25th of May

End date: 30th of September




We are, unfortunately unable to provide financial support for participation.
Therefore, selected inten will have to cover trip to and from Murter, living
expenses and food during periods on land. In Murter, which is home port of
the research boat, acommodation can be found from cca. 20 EUR. During the
10-day boat trips intern will have to compensate food, insurance and harbour
fees costs at a fixed rate of 10 EUR per day.


To apply:

There is no deadline. Candidates will be selected based on their CVs and
first come - first served basis. Please, send an e-mail with your CV and a
short text expressing your interest to: grgur.pleslic at blue-world.org
<mailto:grgur.pleslic at blue-world.org>  .


You can find more details about the project here:




Grgur Pleslić

Senior Researcher

Blue World Institute

http://www.blue-world.org <http://www.blue-world.org/> 


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