[MARMAM] Course for whale watching guide in Tarifa, Spain

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Sat Mar 15 10:33:43 PDT 2014

Course for whale watching guide, Tarifa, Spain:

Taught content:
•	Legislation for cetacean observation and tourism;
•	The role of a touristic guide;
•	Technics for interpretation and communication: the dynamics of groups;
•	The tourism of cetacean observation: origin and evolution;
•	The Gibraltar strait: oceanographic, geologic, meteorological and
socio-economic characteristics;
•	Biogeography, ethology, ecology, threats and conservation status of

Practical content:
•	4 on board practical sessions under the supervision of an experienced
guide in the vessels of Turmares (guaranteed);
•	1 on board research session in the vessel Rainbow (if weather allows).

•	€ 350 per person
•	€ 320 p/p for a group b/n 6 to 9 people
•	€ 300 p/p for a group of 10 +

*Prices include accommodation and the course´s taught and practical
contents; 20 % discount is available for students, unemployed, pensioners
and people with already arranged accommodation. In order for effective
reservation to be done: 100 euro deposit p/p, necessary.

•	March, 2014: 21st, 22nd , 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th
•	(Intensive) May, 2014: 1st- 4th
•	May, 2014: 16th, 17th, 18th , 23rd,24th and 25th
•	(Intensive) June: 5th-8th

For more information contact: Ezequiel Andréu, head of the research and
environmental education department at Turmares: e-mail:
eandreu at turmares.com; mob: +34600667061; stationary: + 34956680741
Website (updated version coming soon): http://www.turmares.com/

Ezequiel Andréu Cazalla
Dpto. Medio Ambiente
Turmares Tarifa S.L.
eandreu at turmares.com
turmares at turmares.com

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