[MARMAM] XXXIV International Meeting for the Study of Marine Mammals

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Thu Mar 13 17:43:17 PDT 2014

The Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy (SOMEMMA) is proud to invite the
Marine Mammal community to its * XXXIV International Meeting for the Study
of Marine Mammals *that will be held in Queretaro City, May 12 - 15. The
meeting´s theme is "*Multidisciplinarity as a strategy to solve marine
mammal conservation conundrums*".
We will host well-known speakers for keynote presentations, and have
various sessions for oral presentations, poster presentations, clinical
cases, case studies and project proposals. In addition, we will offer a
series of specialized preconference workshops and cultural events. * This
year we will offer simultaneous spanish-english translation (free of
charge), *so we hope to host a good number of non-spanish speakers.

SOMEMMA's meeting will be held in the historical city center of the
beautiful city of Queretaro, famous for its quaint streets and plazas
filled with cafes, bars, museums and theatres. In addition, our venue is
close to Peña de Bernal, the wine and cheese route of Tequisquiapan and the
historical Cerro de las Campanas. There will be a number of cultural and
entertainment events, from hot air balloon rides to  adventure tourism and
ghost walks. Our banquet will be held at a restaurant famous for its
typical food from the state of Oaxaca, and we will have live music for
dancing. *You will definitely not regret coming to the meeting in
Queretaro! *

*Deadline for early* *(low cost) registration is 22 march 2014 *(40 USD for
student that are SOMEMMA members, 72 USD for non member students; 80 USD
for professionals that are SOMEMMA members, 114 USD for professionals that
are not SOMEMMA members)

Detailed information can be found at:


You can also contact our member at large Sally Mizroch (
sally.mizroch at gmail.com) for more information.

I hope to see you in Queretaro!

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse
President of SOMEMMA 2012-2014
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