[MARMAM] ECS sweat

Thierry Jauniaux T.Jauniaux at ulg.ac.be
Thu Mar 13 03:16:12 PDT 2014

Apologies for cross posting

Dear ECS conference participant

This year the ECS conference put Hoddies sweat up for sale. A unique dark blue color in 4 sizes will be available: small/medium/large/Xlarge (European standard). Initially, the sale price was 35 €, discounted now for 30 euro according to the number of orders (sweat only available during the ECS conference and to be paid at the conference)

Picture onhttp://liege.europeancetaceansociety.eu/content/photos-previous-years

Only the orders sent to the address order.sweat.ecs2014 at gmail.com before March 17th will be taken into account.

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