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authors are pleased to announce the online publication of the following article:

in Guiana dolphin (Sotalia guianensis)
whistles: using a broadband recording system to analyze acoustic parameters in
three areas of southeastern Brazil”
L. G., Lima, I. M. S., Macedo, H. S., Carvalho, R. R., Lailson-Brito, J. Jr., Flach,
L. and Azevedo, A. F. (2014). Acta Ethologica
The Guiana dolphin produces a variable
whistle repertoire related to different social contexts. The current study
evaluates Guiana dolphin whistles at a microscale. Acoustic parameters of whistles
were compared between three areas in southeastern Brazil using a recording
system with sampling rate of 96 kHz. Previous studies that utilized a sampling
rate of 48 kHz reported little variation between adjacent areas in Brazil. Nine
acoustic parameters of the whistles (duration, start, end, minimum and maximum
frequencies, delta frequency, frequency at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of duration) were
measured and whistles were classified into five contour forms. A total of 659
whistles were analyzed, of which 62.20 % showed an ascending contour form. The Guiana
dolphin emitted whistles with a fundamental frequency reaching 44.9 kHz.
Dolphin whistles from the three study areas varied significantly in nine
acoustic parameters. The whistle duration was shorter (272.44±105.25 ms) in Guanabara
Bay than those in Sepetiba (360.05±135.16 ms) and Paraty Bays (376.80±159.78
ms). The start and minimum frequencies of the whistles in Guanabara Bay was
significantly higher than those in Sepetiba and Paraty Bays. The results of
discriminant function analysis indicated a significant difference between
Guanabara Bay and the other two areas. Comparisons of the ascending, descending–ascending, and multi whistles between
areas showed differences in some acoustic parameters. In this study, by
doubling the sampling rate in our recording systems, we were able to more
accurately sample the whistle repertoire of Guiana dolphins in southeastern Brazil,
and thereby detect differences in whistles between neighboring populations.
Acta Ethologica
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please contact me (andrade.uerj at gmail.com).
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