[MARMAM] Volunteer Office Manager position in Namibia

Simon Elwen simon.elwen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 23:58:53 PDT 2014

The Namibian Dolphin Project is currently seeking an independent, outgoing
and trustworthy volunteer to manage the Namibian Dolphin Project office
while the team undertakes fieldwork in Lüderitz . We are seeking someone
from March to May 2014, which will include one month working with us in
Walvis Bay and 2 months working independently as the responsible office
manager. Core working hours are 7:30-1pm.

The role will include:
* Engaging with the public
* Minor Administration
* Desk top research work on dolphins, for example photo-identification,
data organisation
* Production of education and outreach materials relating to marine life
* Fundraising

During April-May you will be expected to represent the Namibian Dolphin
Project in Walvis Bay and attend to strandings and public concerns, as and
when they arise.

This volunteer position is well suited to someone with an interest in the
environment who can work independently. It would suit a post graduate
seeking extra work experience or (as the hours are mainly in the morning) a
scientist looking for a quite place to gain inspiration while writing
papers/grant applications etc. If interested, please contact Dr Tess
Gridley on: nam.dolphin.project at gmail.com. For more information about the
project please refer to the website:www.namibiandolphinproject.com or blog.


The Namibian Dolphin Project Team

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Simon Elwen Ph.D. Research Fellow at the Mammal Research Institute,
University of Pretoria

Based in: Walvis Bay - Namibia. Phone: +264 81 421 4968 (mob Namibia) +27
71 139 5951 (Mob SA)

Namibian Dolphin Project: www.namibiandolphinproject.com
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