[MARMAM] Wildbook 5.0 for Wildlife Data Management

Jason Holmberg holmbergius at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 13:58:29 PDT 2014

We are pleased to announce the general release of our Wildbook 5.0 wildlife
data management framework.


Wildbook is a web-based, comprehensive data-management system to store,
manage, visualize and analyze mark-recapture data, especially where
individual animal identification can be ascertained from photos or genetics
(or both!). Wildbook is citizen science ready through the web, has a long
history of development and support, and can be configured and/or modified
(by us or by you) to meet specific project requirements.

Here are some screenshots:

Here are some implementations of Wildbook:

We also have a demo site at:


Please email me (jason at whaleshark.org) for demo site access credentials.

Wildbook is especially useful where a distributed team needs to collaborate
over the web, providing a protected environment for data with highly
configurable security. It can also use an array of different database
software and database types under the covers, allowing you to take
advantage of your existing IT skills.

To find out more about Wildbook's capabilities and/or to download the
software. Please visit
 the software website at:


The Wildbook development team will attempt their best to address any
questions. We are already working on the next version and are looking
forward to receiving your feedback.

Thank you!
Jason Holmberg
Information Architect for Wildbook
Wild Me
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