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Sundry Sirenia Books and reprints (free) available to highest bidder - prefer sale as single lot, but attractive single book offers considered.  All in very good to excellent condition.  Please send all bids to Alastair - awatson at okstate.edu

Manatee / Dugong Books for Sale

BONDE, R.K., O'SHEA, T.J., and BECK, C.A.  1983.  Manual of procedures for the salvage and necropsy of carcasses of the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus).  175 pp.  Sirenia Project, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Gainesville, FL.  NTIS Document # PB83-255273.  Paperback

BROWNELL, R.L., RALLS, K. eds.  1981.  The West Indian manatee in Florida.  Proceedings of a workshop held in Orlando, FL, 27-29 March 1978.  154 pp.  Florida Department of Natural Resources, Tallahassee, FL.  Plastic comb-bound paperback.

BROWNELL, R.L., RALLS, K., and REEVES, R.R., eds.  1978.  Report of the West Indian manatee workshop.  Orlando, FL, 27-29 March 1978.  37 pp.  Paperback

HARTMAN, D.S.  1979.  Ecology and behavior of the manatee (Trichechus manatus) in Florida.  153 pp.  American Society of Mammalogists Special Publication 5, Lawrence, KS.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Essential work, out of print.

KAISER, H.E.  1974.  Morphology of the Sirenia.  A macroscopic and X-ray atlas of the osteology of recent species. 76 pp + 64 pls. 38 refs.  Karger, New York, NY.   Hardcover with dust jacket.  Essential work, out of print.

LEFEBVRE, L. et al. eds.  1994.  Conference Papers of the First International Manatee and Dugong Research Conference, Gainesville, FL, 11-13 March 1994.  45 papers, includes 994 Poetry Contest Winners (13 pp). Gainesville, FL.  148 pp.  Plastic comb-bound paperback.

MARSH, H. ed.  1981.  The Dugong.  Proceedings of a Seminar/Workshop, James Cook University, North Queensland, May 1979.  400 pp.  James Cook University Press, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.  Paperback

O'SHEA, T.J., ACKERMAN, B.B., and PERCIVAL, H.F.  eds.  1995.  Population biology of the Florida manatee.  U.S. Department of the Interior, National Biological Service, Information and Technology Report 1.  289 pp.   Washington, DC.  18 key papers.  Paperback.

VAN METER, Victoria Brook.  1982.  The West Indian manatee in Florida.  Illustrated by Laura Sartucci.  29 pp.  Florida Power and Light Co, Miami, FL.  Paperback

Plus free sundry reprints on various topics covering most organ systems (integument, heart, haematology, Gastro-intestinal tract), behaviour, distribution, natural history, about Sirenia (many manatee) from above authors and others.

Shipping / Insurance additional charge to buyer.

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