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PROJECT: Study on the occurrence of cetacean in the Bohol Sea and
melon-headed whales social ecology

WEB SITE: www.lamave.org <http://www.eleseal.org/>

POSITION: Volunteer (unpaid) field helper

DURATION: 2 months, 1st July 2014 to end of August 2014

LOCATION: Messina Strait in the South of Italy

Are you passionate about dolphins and whales? Would you like to know more
about cetacean research? Are you thrilled about teaching marine
conservation and sustainable use of marine resources?

The NGO Physalus is looking for 2 to 3 volunteers to help in the data
processing for our project on the social-structure of melon-headed whales.

These positions will be based in the South of Italy where the Physalus
office is located.


Physalus is a non-profit organization founded in Italy, operating primarily
for the protection of the environment through marine conservation
initiatives.  In 2010, Physalus started the Large Marine Vertebrates
Project Philippines (LAMAVE) to conduct scientific research and raise
environmental awareness in collaboration with government agencies,
non-government organizations, universities and the private sector.

Background of the project

Melon headed whales is a tropical species that usually inhabits offshore
waters, however in the Bohol Sea, Philippines, we are so lucky to have them
near the cost and we have been studied the local population since 2010.

This species is fairly unknown and appears to have a very interesting
social structure, in between a fission-fusion and a matrilinear one. We are
trying to unravel the characteristics of melon-headed social dynamics and
we need your help.


Volunteers are expected to work mainly on photo-ID (training will be
provided) and matching. However duties will also include:

- beach cleaning events

- run the “sustainable happy hour” at a local restaurant

- cetacean monitoring of the Messina strait

- house keeping activities


Volunteers are expected to work 7 days a week, office hours are long but
there will be occasions to enjoy the marvelous surroundings of the Messina
Strait. Volunteers are needed for 2 months from the 1st of July to the end
of August.


You will learn about cetacean biology and behaviour, research techniques
and tropical dolphins species as well as Philippines’ culture.


Unfortunately we are not able to provide compensation for these positions
but housing is provided in Reggio Calabria in a beautiful house on the
beach and we will all share food expenses.


These positions ideally suits advanced undergraduates or graduates of a
scientifically oriented university program and preference will be given to
those with previous experience in photo-ID or cetacean research.

A typical applicant should have a strong interest in the scientific study
of cetacean behavioral ecology.

The applicant must take initiative, be willing to work intensively, be

self-motivated and be able to work as part of a team.

Preference will be given to persons that can commit for the entire period.

To apply please send 1) a cover letter describing your interest in

the position, 2) a CV or resume to Valeria Senigaglia (
valeria.senigaglia at gmail.com). Reference letters are appreciated but not

There is no deadline to apply but due to the early commence of the work we
warmly suggest perspective candidates to apply as soon as possible.

Valeria Senigaglia

Physalus, LAMAVE


valeria.senigaglia at gmail.com
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