[MARMAM] Launch of a new Canada-wide ocean student network

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Mon Jun 9 15:40:03 PDT 2014

Thought this might be interesting to those on the MARMAM listserv, please
share with your network (sorry for cross-posting)

Hi All!

Join us in spreading the news - The launch of the Canadian Ocean Awareness
Student Network (COAStNet) <http://canadianoceans.ca/>.  The mission of
COAStNet is to unite Canadian students and researchers in a network to
enhance the communication of ocean science and to promote evidence-based
ocean policy that ensures healthy and sustainable oceans.

Take a few minutes to explore our new COAStNet website
<http://canadianoceans.ca/>. It features blog posts, a marine research and
marine policy video library, ocean-related research podcasts, and will
provide links to related websites, organizations, and career websites. And
this is just the beginning - we’d love to see this website and network grow
to become a hub for people to find even MORE resources, and help
communicate the cool and exciting research happening from coast to coast
(to coast).  This is a student-run network, so we need other researchers to
help us build up this platform and share their exciting work widely.

To get involved in the network, you can:


   Explore and bookmark the COAStNet website <http://canadianoceans.ca/>

   Watch <http://canadianoceans.ca/videos/>, share or create a short video
   <http://canadianoceans.ca/submit-a-video/> about your research or
   Canadian marine science or policy in general

   Listen to <http://canadianoceans.ca/videos/podcasts/>, or create and upload
   a podcast <http://canadianoceans.ca/submit-a-video/>

   Consider joining the team who run COAStNet - check out our list of
   positions <http://canadianoceans.ca/positions-available/> we hope to fill

   Sign up for email for updates to be kept up to date as new content is

   Join our Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/groups/243594295739873/>

   Follow us and tweet us on Twitter @COAStNetCanada

   Help expand our network by sharing the COAStNet website among your own

Thanks for your interest and we hope that you will consider helping us
expand and grow COAStNet. Your involvement will help to share research
(including your own!) with other students, scientists, educators, and ocean
enthusiasts across the country (and beyond).

>From the COAStNet Steering Committee <http://canadianoceans.ca/the-crew/>
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