[MARMAM] Report on the Current Status and Future of Underwater Hearing Resesarch

Dorian Houser dorian.houser at nmmpfoundation.org
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Greetings -

A workshop on the status and future of underwater hearing research was
convened from September 10-12 , 2013 in San Diego, California. The workshop
was held to evaluate recent and current research, and identify future
research avenues with the greatest potential for advancing the state of
knowledge on underwater hearing in marine mammals. The workshop consisted
of three days of presentations by members of the scientific community
actively involved in the study of marine mammal hearing; in particular,
research into the relationship between sound exposure and temporary
threshold shift, masking, anatomically-based modeling of marine mammal
auditory systems, and behavioral and evoked potential audiometry. The
presentations were independently reviewed by experts that are active in
both marine mammal and terrestrial mammal/human hearing research
communities. The workshop was jointly funded by the Living Marine
Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Office of Naval

A report of this workshop is now available for download at the National
Marine Mammal Foundation website, under Technical Reports (

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