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Research Internship Opportunity with the National Marine Mammal Foundation
The National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, California is offering a fall research internship. The research project will investigate how human generated noise affects the bottlenose dolphins’ ability to forage using bio-sonar.
A competitive applicant will have a strong background in experimental research methodology, math, physics and marine mammal behavior. Experience in psychoacoustics, is a plus as is the desire to learn and work as a part of a team. Preference will be given to an applicant who desires future enrolment into a graduate program in a related field. Applicants must have at least two years of undergraduate course work and must be currently enrolled in a college or university. The intern must receive credit for the internship from their college or university. The intern must be a US citizen.
Duties include, but are not limited to, setting up equipment for experiments, data collection, analysis and training dolphins for behavioral experiments. There is a fair amount a physical labor involved. You will be getting dirty. Work hours are from 6:30 am-3:30 pm, Mon-Fri.  This is not a paid internship and the intern is responsible for their own housing and transportation.
The internship starts Sept 1. Application deadline is August 15th.
Please email a resume or CV and a short paragraph describing yourself to:
brian.branstetter at nmmf.org
Brian Branstetter Ph.D.
2240 Shelter Island Dr., #200.
San Diego, Ca. 92106

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