[MARMAM] Discover the last Mediterranean monk seal colony of the world!

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Monk seal Conservation program

** Discover the last Mediterranean Monk Seal colony of the world!

** For many years now we have been dedicated to conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal. Since we created the participatory “Seal Coast” reserve in 2001, we have never stopped working to improve and enlarge the most important colony of this species critically endangered located at the Cabo Blanco peninsula coast, Mauritania.

Little by little, for somewhat more than a decade, we have gradually built the foundations for the conservation and growth of the colony: surveillance systems, increasing awareness among local fishermen, cleaning and preserving the beaches in the reserve, etc. By doing all that, we have managed to get the population to rise year after year. It seems hard to believe that there are now approximately 250 seals, when just 100 had survived 15 years ago. And every year more than 60 seal pups are born, whereas the year when we arrived the birth rate was barely 25.

Without a doubt, these are important, highly satisfactory results, but we need to keep moving forward. Because, despite the good results we have achieved, we never forget the huge responsibility we bear, because we are protecting more than half of this species’ population around the world.

That is why, now that the foundations are in place and have grown stronger, we are starting a new stage in which we would like to increase awareness about the programme, in order to let more people know about this scarce but precious species, to make them aware of its fragile state and to get more support, which will help us ensure the species’ preservation.

To do so, we have launched this new website (http://focamonje.us8.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=9b37de09af84c969097519f08&id=a4641ca741&e=b9adaa413f) , where you will find information about the Mediterranean monk seal, about us, our history, the work we do and the results we are achieving. With this website, we are also creating the possibility for private donors and companies to be able to help support the conservation work which we carry out on the coast of Cap Blanc. You can become a member by making a small annual contribution or make a one-time donation for any of the projects we currently have under way . Of course, we also share materials so that you can help us with our work to spread this information.

Through these contributions, we hope to be able to partially finance our work so as to ensure the minimum services required for conservation at the reserve for many years to come, without having to depend exclusively upon aid or subsidies, which can sometimes get cut.


** Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!
Follow us at: www.monachus.es or www.focamonje.es

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