[MARMAM] EXCITING OPPORTUNITY with MARINElife: Volunteer cetacean and seabird survey opportunity – waters around Cornwall UK

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EXCITING OPPORTUNITY with MARINElife: Volunteer cetacean and seabird survey
opportunity – waters around Cornwall UK 30th September to 19th October 2014

In partnership with CEFAS, volunteer places are available for a 20 day
survey of the waters around Cornwall UK, including the Celtic Deep.

There is also the possibility of just completing a portion of this survey,
as there will be a staff change day around the 12th/13th October.
Therefore, if you are only able to commit to the first or second leg of
this survey, please state this in your application.

Cetacean species likely to be encountered include White-beaked Dolphin,
Common Dolphin, Risso’s Dolphin, Minke Whale, Long-finned Pilot Whale and
Fin Whale, with Humpback Whale and White-sided Dolphin also possibilities.
Migratory seabirds encountered are likely to include Sabine’s Gull, Grey
Phalarope, Great Shearwater, Balearic Shearwater, Pomarine Skua and
Long-tailed Skua.

Similar surveys in 2011, 2012 and 2013 produced an excellent variety of
animals including large numbers of Fin Whales.

You will join and have opportunity to learn from a multidisciplinary team
carrying out pelagic fish and plankton surveys and collecting oceanographic
data. There will also be the opportunity to contribute to analyses linking
mammals and seabirds sightings to prey availability.


Departure Date: 30th September 2014

Return Date: 19th October 2014

Departure Port: Portland, Dorset

Return Port: Swansea

Dates are provisional and may vary by a day.

All meals will be provided for you onboard the ship; specific dietary
requirements can be catered for (please specify in your application).  Your
bunk will have a bed, en-suite bathroom, TV, desk and internet access –
towels and bedding will be provided.  You will also have access to the
lounge room and gym for use in your spare time.


- Experienced in cetacean and/or seabird identification at sea

- A valid ENG1 medical certificate (see www.dft.gov.uk/mca/mcga-mgn264.pdf

- Personal Sea Survival Certificate (MCA approved Personal Survival
Techniques (according to STCW 95 convention).  It is really important that
you have or obtain the correct PST certificate to be able to join this trip.

If you would like to join the research team as a Marine Mammal & Seabird
Surveyor, please email Rachel.Davies at marine-life.org.uk including a CV or
brief summary of experience.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rachel Davies

Dr. Rachel Davies
Conservation Science Manager
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European Cetacean Monitoring Coalition (ECMC) Coordinator
rachel.davies at marine-life.org.uk

T. 01308 456573 / 01460419043

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