[MARMAM] A Call for Help with regards to Association Indexing

David Johnston wyylde at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 15 15:43:39 PDT 2014

Hello all, my name is David Johnston and am currently conducting a pilot study to lead into a Masters study. 
The study is concerned with association patterns of bottlenose dolphins and how differences in these patterns could potentially explain variation in reproductive output of individuals.
While I can successfully calculate half-weighted pairwise association indices based upon group membership, I am now wanting to develop the method further to be at a finer scale. I am wanting to calculate association indices based upon distance, though am using a photo-ID data set which goes back many years and does not have information on locations of individuals. I do have the specific times photos were taken however and am wanting to use these times as a proxy for distance between individuals, where if two individuals were photographed within a specified time-frame of one another could be considered associated. 
I am currently trying to write coding to calculate pairwise association indices for the statistical program R and am having some difficulties. I have searched online for coding that can calculate association indices at any level that I could develop further but have found nothing. 
Hopefully there is an R wizard out there that can either direct me to a piece of coding already written that I can develop from, or advise me of how I could potentially calculate these in the program SOCPROG; or of an entirely new way to calculate indices I have not considered. 
Your help would be most appreciated
Kind regards, 
David Johnston 		 	   		  
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