[MARMAM] Sercel launches QuietSea marine mammal monitoring system

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Fri Jul 18 02:00:11 PDT 2014

Dear Marmam users,

Sercel is pleased to announce the launch of its passive acoustic monitoring system dedicated to marine seismic operations.

QuietSeaTM differs from conventional systems being seamlessly integrated within the seismic streamers by providing a wide monitoring frequency bandwidth from 10Hz up to 96KHz. QuietSea's hardware mixes up to 512 low frequency sensors (10 to 200HZ) and typically 10 high frequency sensors (200Hz - 96kHz), enhancing the detection capabilities and performances. By taking advantage of synergies with the Instrument Navigation Software onboard which informs in real time about the acoustic sensors position, QuietSea is able to locate precisely marine mammals without making any assumption on the receivers location.

Its software is user-friendly in its configuration as well as in the results interpretation. QC tests on sensors are regularly driven by the software to ensure the system is fully operational while in production. These features bring benefits to the PAM Operator whose decision gets now strengthened.

For more information about the system, please visit http://www.sercel.com/products/QuietSea.aspx
Publications on QuietSea performances will be released in the coming months.

About Sercel
Sercel is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of innovative seismic equipment and reservoir monitoring instruments. Sercel provides oil field service companies and geophysical contractors with the widest range of leading-edge technologies for exploration in land, marine, ocean bottom, transition zone and reservoir environments. Employing 2500 people worldwide, Sercel's main sales offices are located in Houston (USA) and Nantes (France). More information about Sercel is available at www.sercel.com<http://www.sercel.com/>.

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