[MARMAM] Looking for US Museum(s) to Archive Pinniped and Cetacean Skeletal Material

Niemeyer, Misty mniemeyer at ifaw.org
Wed Jan 15 13:49:38 PST 2014

Cape Cod, Mass generates a significant number of pinniped and cetacean mortalities. Following diagnostic necropsy, we have accessioned many specimens of diverse species in regional and national museums in the past 15 years (a mean of 30 cetaceans and 20 pinnipeds each year). A recent change in local museum capacity has motivated us to look further afield for potential institutional recipient(s). We are looking for one or more US museums interested in building a collection of such specimens. Common species include Delphinus delphis, Lagenorhynchus acutus, Grampus griseus, Globicephala melas, Phocoena phocoena, Phoca vitulina, Halochoerus grypus, Pagophilus groenlandicus, and larger whales. We are not looking for recipients of single or rare specimens. These are easy to accession with current relationships. We are also not willing to pay shipping costs or deal with the bureaucratic complexity of export. Hence our search is limited to US institutions. Recipients would need to be willing to receive specimens that have been flensed but not cleaned. We can stockpile frozen specimens prior to bulk transport (semi-annually). Large whales would need to be collected more immediately. Necessary NOAA authorization would need to be in place.

Please contact Misty Niemeyer mniemeyer at ifaw.org

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