[MARMAM] Article on Anthropogenic Noise and Conservation

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Dear Colleagues

I would kindly draw your attention to a review article that just came out in a Springer book on Animal Communication and Noise (see http://www.springer.com/life+sciences/behavioural/book/978-3-642-41493-0). Its broadly dealing with noise impacts but there is a lot of focus on marine mammals and thus, I believe, relevant to this forum. I also think it's the first time that the issue has been addressed by a team of scientists from different disciplines (bird / behavior / mammals).

Reprints are available on request (frth at dhigroup.com<mailto:frth at dhigroup.com>).

Anthropogenic Noise and Conservation

Peter K. McGregor, Andrew G. Horn, Marty L. Leonard
and Frank Thomsen

Abstract Anthropogenic noise is a common but evolutionarily recent influence on
communicating animals and evidence is accumulating of its adverse impacts on
human health, therefore it has potential relevance to conservation. However,
demonstrating that this potential is realised is not straightforward. A particular
issue is the difficulty of assessing likely impacts from the limited evidence on the
main factors influencing impacts-from the hearing abilities of animals of conservation
concern through to the characteristics of emitted sound fields in natural
environments. Further issues include the likely underestimation of behavioural
effects, and a lack of knowledge of how animals trade off costs and benefits. In this
chapter, we aim to highlight the main themes emerging from the growing interest
in the effects of anthropogenic noise on conservation. We predominantly consider
the marine environment (with examples drawn mainly from marine mammals) and
the terrestrial environment (with bird examples). An important consideration that
emerges from the increasing levels of anthropogenic noise and difficulties in
assessing specific impacts is the need to develop interim guidance, while more
detailed information is gathered and assessed.

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