[MARMAM] Unidentified beaked whale in Little Cayman

Samantha Hamilton shamilton at reefresearch.org
Fri Jan 10 08:47:04 PST 2014

This morning, January 10th 2014, an unidentified beaked whale washed 
ashore in Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. The skin decomposition on its 
fluke indicates it was dead for some time before washing ashore. When 
scientists were notified, the whale carcass had traveled further down 
the shore into an inaccessible area with mangroves, preventing it from 
being identified to species.

Photos taken by an island resident of the initial sighting have been 
posted to a flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/114014221@N02/

There is a large inflamed area on the lower ventral side of the whale, 
visible in the pictures, as well as several scratches and lacerations 
that could indicate a vessel strike. Any information on possible cause 
of death or species identification would be greatly appreciated.

Samantha Hamilton, BSc. MMM.

Reef Research Assistant & Lab Manager
Central Caribbean Marine Institute
P.O. Box 37
Little Cayman, Cayman Islands
Phone: 1-345-948-1094

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