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Victor Garcia Vergara victorgarcia120 at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 19 09:58:15 PST 2014


I am compiling information (in English and Spanish) on animal welfare in captivity but only for this animals: 
Orca : Orcinus orca. 
Indo-Pacific Dolphin or: Tursiops aduncus. 
Belugas: Delphinapterus leucas. 
California sea lion: Zalophus californianus. 
Common seal or harbor seal: Phoca vitulina 
Sea otter: Enhydra lutris 
Manatee: Trichechus

would be very grateful if you can contact me, if you have any published literature, news, or contact details of people/organisations that could provide me with further information. 

Thank you in advance,

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 Víctor García Vergara
Fono: +56 9 9338 2859

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