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The Marine Environment Research Association - AIMM - is running an ongoing
study of cetaceans in the South of Portugal (Algarve). This project aims to
obtain baseline information on species occurrence, behaviour and social
structure of the local cetacean populations.

The main species observed are short beaked common dolphin (*Delphinus
delphis*), common bottlenose dolphin (*Tursiops truncates)* and harbour
porpoise (*Phocoena phocoena*); although other species such as minke
whale (*Balaenoptera
acutorostrata*) and fin whale (*Balaenoptera physalus*) can also be sighted.

*WHERE:* Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

*WHEN:* 1st June to 31st October 2014


You will primarily be collecting the data on behaviour, group size,
species, photo-identification, etc from platforms of opportunity (dolphin
watching boats). You will also assist with desk work doing data entering
and photo-identification.

Fieldwork is dependent on weather and seat availability in the dolphin
watching boats. Field days can be intense, especially in the peak of Summer
but are fulfilling and good fun. It will give you field experience in data
collection and photo-identification.

Interns are *EXPECTED* to:

   - Be above the age of 16
   - Have a mature attitude towards marine mammal research
   - Be autonomous and quickly operational
   - Be able to live and work with other members of an international team.
   All interns share everyday duties and chores with the other team members
   - Speak fluent Portuguese and/or English
   - Participate for minimum 1 week

No previous experience is required, however *preference will be given* to
those who have:

   - Relevant marine mammal field experience
   - Working experience on research vessels
   - Experience working from dolphin/whale watching platforms
   - Experience in photo-identification
   - Professional cameras that can be used for photo-ID
   - Availability to stay for longer periods of time

*LIVING & COSTS:* Interns are required to pay a fee of 400 EURO per week to
cover all living expenses (accommodation, transport to/from the marina and
food). The intern is responsible for his own transportation to and from


Applicants should send an e-mail with the subject "INTERNSHIP" with:

   - A small introduction, qualifications, previous experience and a brief
   explanation why they would like to work with AIMM
   - CV

Applications will be accepted during all season, however, early application
is recommended.

*Contacts*: interns at aimm-portugal.org || *www.aimmpotugal.org
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