[MARMAM] Dolphin and Manatee Research Internships Available Immediately at Turneffe Atoll, Belize

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*Oceanic Society*
*3, 6 and 12-month Dolphin and Manatee Research Internships Available
Immediately to Qualified Candidates at Turneffe Atoll, Belize*

The mission of Oceanic Society (OS) is to conserve marine wildlife and
habitats by deepening connections between people and nature through
research, community engagement, and first-hand experience.

 Interns are sought to assist with field surveys on two long-term projects:
¨Social and behavioral ecology of bottlenose dolphins¨ and ¨Monitoring and
conservation of manatees"  Both projects are based at Oceanic Society's
Blackbird Caye Field Station on Turneffe Atoll, Belize. This is an
extraordinary field experience for biologists interested in working with
marine mammals as a career. Interns will learn and apply standard field
methods, teach and lead volunteer groups, and develop his/her own short

 *Intern activities*:

1. *Learning*. The intern will be trained in marine mammal survey methods
by an experienced marine biologist.

2  *Teaching*. The intern is expected to lead volunteer groups and to teach
basic aspects of marine mammal biology and ecology to non biologist
volunteers and students.

3. *Research.  *We encourage the candidates to propose a scientific project
in keeping with the framework of OS's long-term marine mammal research
program. The intern will be mentored by OS marine scientists and staff to
assure their adherence to safety and scientific protocols. This project is
not mandatory but highly recommended, and candidates with demonstrated
curiosity and innovative ideas will receive preference in the selection

*The intern will be required to fulfill several key tasks:*

·         Lead boat-based survey to observe and photograph bottlenose

·         Take high-quality photos of dolphins for photo-ID

·         Assist with manatee research

·         Collect ecological data and perform habitat surveys

·         Assist with data organization, processing and preliminary

·         Prepare expedition reports

·         Coordinate the activities of our volunteer groups (1 to 8)

·         Prepare and present lectures on marine mammals and their

*Requirements of Candidates*:

·         Passion, optimism and a high degree of interest in conserving
marine wildlife and habitats

·         A degree in a related field (Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Marine
Biology, Animal Behavior)

·         English speaking

·         A commitment of at least 3 months in Belize

·         Broad knowledge of aquatic mammal biology and marine ecosystems
and a willingness to learn and teach

            -          Previous field experience with cetaceans and/or

·         Be organized and responsible, adaptable, patient and

·         Be physically fit, able to work in outdoor conditions and to swim
and snorkel

·         Be willing to live on a remote atoll with poor telephone and
internet connectivity

*Desirable Traits of Candidates: *

·         Previous experience leading volunteer groups

·         Public speaking experience

·         Interest in proposing, designing and conducting individual

·         Willingness to collaborate on other OS projects (including coral
reef, crocodile, sea turtle and/or lionfish monitoring)

·         A commitment to one year of service starting February 2014 (field
expeditions run year round, except during hurricane season, Sep-Nov)


Monetary compensation cannot be provided.  OS will cover round trip
transport costs from the intern's home city and regularly scheduled
shuttles to and from Turneffe Atoll . We will reimburse the selected
candidate for the airfare after s/he has completed the third month in the
field station.  Accommodation and food at the Blackbird Field Station is
also covered.

 Send a letter of application, CV and two references to Dr. Nataly
Castelblanco, Research Coordinator of Oceanic Society (
castelblanco at oceanicsociety.org )

For more information about the Oceanic Society, visit:

*Nataly Castelblanco-Martínez, PhD*
Research Coordinator - Oceanic Society
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