[MARMAM] PDF Monitoring Wildlife in Amazonia (PDF in Spanish)

Caryn Self-Sullivan cselfsullivan at sirenian.org
Wed Feb 12 04:35:38 PST 2014

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Cc:  S. Kendall, C. Taylor, N. Auil-Gomez, E. Quintana-Rizzo, J. Reynolds, D. Domning

Sarita Kendall of Fundación Natütama in Colombia asked me to share this new document (in Spanish) for Monitoring Wildlife in Amazonia.  I've posted it on our website here:



> On Feb 11, 2014, at 5:38 PM, Sarita Kendall wrote:
>> Caryn,
>> I'm attaching a document I wrote on monitoring wildlife with the community - it is written in very simple Spanish and I have tried it out on fishermen who didn't finish primary school...they understood it and found it easy to read...the idea is to distribute it to teachers, community leaders etc in the Amazon, but I thought you might know of people who would find it useful. The section on manatees is the longest for a single species and shows how we have accumulated a great many sightings etc! It focuses on doing things with people,low cost, minimal technology, maximum conservation....please send it on to anyone you think might benefit (I have sent it to Nataly and Benjamin, but no others north of Colombia). If you think it's appropriate to make it accessible on your web page,please do so...
>> hope things go well with you...
>> all best.
>> sarita
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