[MARMAM] Paper on Fin Whale in winter in the Bonifacio Strait

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Mon Feb 3 05:02:54 PST 2014

published on the Journal Biologia Marina Mediterranea a short paper on the
presence of Fin Whale in winter in the Bonifacio Strait (between Corsica and
Sardinia) in the Pelagos Sanctuary.
Arcangeli A., Campana I., Carcassi S., Casella E., Cracas F., Fabiano
F., Ottaviani D.,Manca Zeichen M., Addis A., Crosti R. (2013). Seasonal sightings of Balaenoptera
physalus in the Bonifacio Strait (Pelagos sanctuary).Biol.
Mar. Mediterr. (2013), 20 (1): 252-253.
The paper, with a translation in English, can be find
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