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Dear Fellow-Marmamers!

The non-profit association M.E.E.R. would like to announce it's next field course in behavioural biology in the Canary Islands:

"Field research of the project M.E.E.R. La Gomera" from 13 April - 27 April 2015

The project M.E.E.R. La Gomera is conducting a study on the interactions between cetaceans and whale watching boats since many years. The participants of these 2-weeks practical courses will get an insight into the behavioural research conducted from whale watching boats operating off the island of La Gomera. In this area, 23 cetaceans species could be identified during the last years, representing one of the highest known species diversities in the world. A link to the list of publications that resulted from this project is given below.

The course includes a full training program: theory and practice of behavioural research will be learned and profound background information on whale watching will be given. Research experience that will be gained includes sighting data recording, behavioural sampling, photo identification, data handling and more.

The course is fully accepted for the study of Biology at the Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin (Germany) and the University of Vienna (Austria).

Moreover, the research is embedded in conservation efforts aiming at the preservation and promotion of whale watching as a sustainable use of cetaceans and the establishment of a marine sanctuary in the waters off La Gomera. M.E.E.R. La Gomera was honoured in 2001 with the international environmental award "Tourismus und Umwelt" by the German Association of Travel Agencies and Travel Operators (DRV). As was said during the bestowal, the project "realises new ways of co-operation of research and tourism in an exemplary and innovative way".

For further information (including downloads of a detailed brochure and a booking form) please visit

The price is 899.- Euro including 7 whale watching research excursions, accommodation, full training program, scientific supervision, donation to M.E.E.R. e.V., written working material, certificate of attendance and one year M.E.E.R. e.V. membership. 
The journey to and from La Gomera is not included in the price.

Early bookings are accepted until 15 January 2015 at a price of 849.- Euro.

For further information, booking, or any questions please send an e-mail to
info at m-e-e-r.de

The non-profit association M.E.E.R. is registred and based in Berlin. The objectives of the association are conservation, research and education in order to protect cetaceans in their natural habitats. Our work aims at increasing the public awareness for the oceans and to present ways how humans can deal with nature in a responsible way. Our co-operation partners are the "Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine" (Munich/Germany), and "Oceano La Gomera" (whale watching operator/La Gomera).
Please find a list and downloads of publications in conjunction with the work of the project M.E.E.R. La Gomera here:

M.E.E.R. e.V.
Bundesallee 123
12161 Berlin
+4930-644 97 230

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