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	Dear collegues
	We are pleased to announce the recent publication of our paper:

	Figueiredo, LD and Simão, SM. 2014. Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera
edeni) Vocalizations from Southeast Brazil. Aquatic Mammals


	The Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera edeni) is a species commonly
documented along the southeast coast of Brazil, but nothing is known
about their vocalizations in this area. Underwater recordings were
gathered in an opportunistic manner when the species was present along
the coast of the Rio de Janeiro State. A total of 143 min of
recordings was analyzed, and five different call types were found. The
most abundant call type consisted of a series of discrete pulses that
was detected during the observation of a mother-calf pair. Other types
of calls were recorded from solitary whales, including a flat tone
with harmonics, a downswept tone, and two types of calls with multiple
components. All recorded calls were short (< 2 s), with the exception
of the series of pulses (> 7 s), with frequency ranges below 1 kHz.
The call composed of a series of discrete pulses is likely linked to
calf-adult interactions given that this call was previously reported
in the presence of calves in the Gulf of California. This is the first
description of the Bryde’s whale vocal repertoire in the South
Atlantic. The vocalizations described herein present generally
identifiable characteristics of the species’ calls; however, some
variations may be specific to this area.

	A PDF of the paper may be requested from the correspondent author by
contacting: ldsigue at terra.com.br or ldsigue at gmail.com
	Best regards,
	Luciana D. Figueiredo,

	IFRJ/ Rio de Janeiro Rural and Federal University 

	Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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