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Paul Nachtigall nachtiga at hawaii.edu
Mon Aug 25 13:48:44 PDT 2014

*BIOSONAR a new book edited by Annemarie Surrlyke, Paul E. Nachtigall,
Richard R. Fay and Arthur N. Popper  has just been released by SPRINGER in
its ongoing series of Handbooks on Auditory Research.  Bats and odontocetes
have evolved the ability to use echolocation to find objects in their
environments.  And, despite there being substantial differences in their
environments, there are substantial similarities, as well as any number of
fascinating differences, in how members of these two groups produce, use,
and process biosonar signals. chapters are written by experts from both
animal groups, resulting in collaborations that examine not only data on
bats and odontocetes, but also compare and contrast mechanisms and what is
known.  In effect, the chapters provide a unique insight that will help
push forward our understanding of biosonar in both groups..*

Paul Nachtigall, PhD
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology'
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