[MARMAM] Seeking student leaders for the American Cetacean Society Student Coalition

Sabena Siddiqui siddiqis at umail.iu.edu
Tue Aug 12 15:08:21 PDT 2014

Dear MARMAM subscribers,

The American Cetacean Society Student Coalition(ACSSC) is the first student
chapter of the American Cetacean Society (http://acsonline.org/), the
world's oldest whale conservation organization. After 44 years, ACS
continues to be a leader in the field of cetacean education, conservation,
policy, and education.

In a time where activism is characterized by extreme rhetoric that is often
counterproductive, we use science and reason based action to effectively
protect cetaceans and their habitats. The ACSSC believes that research and
advocacy can work in tandem, and that there is a need for an open and
productive dialogue between marine mammal researchers and those who engage
in advocacy. The Coalition aims to provide a much-needed niche within the
world of cetacean conservation, research, education, and policy for
students with the support of the American Cetacean Society.

The ACSSC works to provide students of all ages everywhere with an
opportunity to feel inspired, engaged, and empowered among an active
community. We aim to create this community through a web of regional
student groups across the country. One of the benefits of joining the ACS
National Student Coalition is the ability to network and collaborate with
your peers in different disciplines, backgrounds, and institutions to
address the challenges that whales, dolphins, and porpoises face in today’s
complex world.
Leading your own ACS student coalition group can be very rewarding and fun.
ACSSC groups have participated in water quality testing, cetacean research,
hosted guest speakers, organized panels, screened numerous documentaries,
lobbied for ocean conservation, organized fundraisers, and had social
events such as marine themed parties.  ACSSC groups have implemented
campaigns focusing upon issues such as sustainable seafood and its impacts
upon cetaceans, marine debris and entanglement, captivity, and more. ACSSC
groups have successfully engaged with their local communities on region
specific issues as well. We invite US high school and university students
to lead their own  coastal or landlocked groups.

For more information regarding what is involved in starting your own
student coalition check out our website:
ACSSC website <http://acsscnational.wordpress.com/>

Like us on facebook to see our latest updates and campaign activities:
ACSSC facebook

If you are interested and would like assistance in starting your own group,
email us at: acssc.national at gmail.com

Please refer interested students that you may know.

*Sabena Siddiqui    *
American Cetacean Society National Student Coalition (ACSSC)
*"P**rotecting whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through
public education, research grants, and conservation actions.*"

ACSSC facebook page
ACSSC website <http://acsscnational.wordpress.com/>
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