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THought this might be of interest to some on here.

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Science Coordinator
Charles Darwin Research Station
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Focus: Oversees and coordinates scientific program of Charles Darwin
Research Station (CDRS), and directs other CDRS functions during the absence
of the Executive Director.  Supervised by Executive Director. Works closely
with administration and finance personnel, coordinates directly with the
Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) Board, and supports fundraising activities.

Introduction: The CDF operates the CDRS in the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Established in 1959 with its legal seat in Belgium, the
organization’s mission is to provide knowledge and assistance through
scientific research needed to guide complementary action to ensure the
conservation of the environment and biodiversity in the Galapagos
Archipelago. The CDF does not receive Government of Ecuador funding and
operates on an annual budget of approximately $3.5M. It has about 65 staff,
70% of whom are Ecuadorian. At any given time, the organisation also employs
around 30 local, national and international volunteers. It engages a network
of approximately 140 visiting scientists.

This is a management position. The Science Coordinator is delegated by the
Executive Director to be the person primarily responsible for ensuring that
the CDRS fulfills its role in scientific output and capacity building, and
delivers on the Annual Operating Plan and budget that the General Assembly
and the Board review at the recommendation of the Executive Director.  The
candidate will work closely with the Galapagos National Park and other
governmental agencies to plan and execute relevant scientific studies and
conservation measures.  The candidate shall play an important role in
researching, coordinating and disseminating the science behind
evidence-based conservation; online communication and fundraising; and
potentially increasing scientific knowledge and support for other World
Heritage Sites and oceanic island ecosystems globally. The organisation has
an Executive Director, whose work to a large extent is carried out on an
international level.

Based fulltime in the Galapagos Islands, with regular national and
occasional international travel.

Main Responsibilities:
- Coordinates implementation of CDF science program. The science program is
defined in the Annual Operating Plan, which is developed by the science
staff, the executive team, and external advisors. It is designed in
coordination with the Galapagos National Park and approved by the Board and
General Assembly of the CDF. The candidate’s main responsibility is to
manage the science team such that the Annual Operating Plan is successfully
- Leads, coordinates and manages the CDF’s science program. This includes
supporting the resident research personnel as well as visiting scientists,
collaborators, and students.
- Works with the Executive Director, Program Committee, Board, and other
advisors in leading the design of new programs to support priorities of the
Ecuadorian Government.
- Ensures coherent and strategic planning to fulfill the CDF’s mission of
supporting the efforts of the Government of Ecuador to conserve the
Galapagos Archipelago.
-Oversees deployment of funds for research and capacity building projects
within CDF’s budget.
- Instates and oversees data management policy and best practices. Supports
the development of the “CDF Datazone” and other aspects of the
organization’s Knowledge Management program.
- Supports fundraising, principally through the preparation of grant proposals.
- Recruits in collaboration with Human Resources science staff into CDRS
- Supports the Executive Director in building and maintaining alliances with
external institutions.
- Assures that results from the CDRS science team are appropriately
disseminated in the professional literature, as reports to stakeholders, and
via online outreach.
- Represents CDF at local/national/international events when requested.
- Completes other tasks assigned by the Executive Director consistent with
execution of tasks outlined previously, and in particular in support of
day-to-day necessities in operating a research station in a remote island

-PhD degree in a field of science related to the work of the CDF (or its
academic equivalent), including conservation biology, natural sciences, or
policy and social sciences related to natural resource management.
-Bilingual English / Spanish. Demonstrated effective communication,
management and leadership skills.
-At least 5 years of relevant research, project management, and personnel
oversight experience related to conservation and sustainable development.
-Experience working in Latin America, preferably Ecuador and/or Galapagos,
will be a consideration, as will experience working in non-governmental
organizations and on multi-disciplinary projects.
-A strong track record in procuring research funding, generating
high-profile scientific products, and successfully managing research projects.

Oversight: Keeps teams/sections working towards objectives by establishing
measures of accountability, monitoring and measuring progress and adherence
to plans and budgets, analyzing performance gaps and applying remediation as
Leadership: Achieves professional respect from all members of the CDRS by
providing clear directions. Operating transparently, and effectively
communicating with science staff while exercising effective interpersonal
and leadership style that demonstrate fair and equitable treatment of al staff.
Fundraising: Secures significant research funds and effectively manages
projects including tracking, personnel, reporting and funder relations.
Networking: Develops and maintains working relationships with strategic
local and national institutions, identifies emerging issues relevant to the
CDRS, seeks information of strategic importance, establishes strategic
alliances, and promotes CDRS services
Engagement with society: Able to interact effective on matters of science as
it relates to governance (local and national), public policy, public sector
bureaucracy and social development. Candidate serves as “ambassador”for CDF
science and must be skilled in diplomacy.

Terms and conditions of contract:
This fulltime position offers a three-year contract with the possibility of
renewal for 5 more years depending on outcome of performance evaluation.
Monthly salary paid at level according to the candidate’s qualifications and
experience. Private medical insurance and 30 days of vacation per year.

How to Apply:
Applicants should send the following documentation: 1) Letter of interest
(max 2 pages; please provide both in English and Spanish); 2) Resume (either
English or Spanish); 3) Contact information for three professional
references (incl. email addresses).
Email: empleo at fcdarwin.org.ec
Closing Date: 15th September, 2014

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